Dr. Wall Fixed My Knee Problems

For those suffering from knee pain problems, I would like to offer my own personal successful experience and recommendations. I had a painful torn meniscus in my knee that was quickly remedied surgically with no resulting discomfort, apart from mentally kicking my-self for having waited months to have my knee examined in the first place. In addition to the torn meniscus, there was a lot of jagged cartilage to be cleaned up. My surgeon recommended a treatment, which improved most successful, and I am now at 90+% back to as normal as one could expect. The treatment consisted of 3 injections of Synvisc to help lubricate the joint and 2 injections of PRP. I also continue to exercise to strengthen the supporting muscles and take a few daily supplements such as krill to improve joint tissue. It does take a while for the treatment to kick in, but I no longer wake up in the night gasping with sever stabbing pains. It may take a bit more from time to time until I am 100% pain free or close to. When my body feels the need to undergo the process again, whether it is in 6 months or 18 months, I won’t hesitate to do so. I cannot more highly recommend or say enough good things about the surgery and care provided by Dr. Thomas Wall, at Athletic Institute of Medicine, Scottsdale AZ. Also, the physical therapy I received from Vincent Kame of Foothills Sports Medicine was very beneficial.

Arlene Saens