Dedicated Surgeon

I am a professional chef and had a nasty fall that resulted in a complex fracture to my dominant elbow. This occured on New Year’s Eve. My son called Dr. Wall who was at the Phoenix Symphony with his wife. He came to Scottsdale Health Care Emergency Room to see me. I thought this was above and beyond the call of duty being that he was not the Orthopedic doctor on call. He had operated on my knee years ago and I still had his cell phone number that he gavin me at that time. Luckly I saved it in my cell phone. This man took me to surgery the following day on New Years Day and fixed my elbow. The surgery turned out great and I have full use of my arm. This doc is very dedicated and a wonderful surgeon. I have since recommended him to many of my patrons and they too have been very impressed with him and his staff. I know of no other surgeons who give you their personal cell phone number and tells you to call if you have any questions or problems. I wish there were more doctors like Dr. Wall.