110% recovery! Thanks Dr. Wall!

That’s right. After Dr. Wall repaired my torn labrum, i feel better than ever, and my repaired shoulder functions even better than the one that was not injured. The entire process took months–July — December, but it was worth the time and following Dr. Wall’s orders because my recovery is amazing. i am a professional martial artist. i have spent my entire adult life (age 23-60) practicing Taekwondo, the Korean martial art. I need my body to function well. all of that took place in 2006 when i was 54 years old! Then in 2010, while training for the rank of 8th degree black belt, i tore a hamstring. The date was May 11, 2010 and my test was on June 25, 2010. i could barely walk. Dr Wall said my only chance to make the test was a treatment called ‘PRP,’ or “platelet rich plasma.” i said i thought i could pass the test at about 75% and Dr Wall, replied, “We’ll get you back to 100%” i was excited and his confidence boosted my attitude that a healing was possible. i took the treatment, began a strict program of physical therapy, and just 5 weeks later, i passed my test for 8th degree black belt. That’s a remarkable story! But it gets better. Dr. Wall has also worked on many of our black belts and instructors. In fact, in addition to my shoulder he has done four other knees and another hamstring injury similar to mine, all with great results. I can’t recommend him enough. Whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, Dr. Wall is the man to see.

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