Athletic Institute of Medicine

At the Athletic Institute of Medicine, we treat all levels of athletes and non-athletes alike. From the weekend warrior to the Olympic contender, our commitment to injury prevention, conditioning and training, rehabilitation, and sports psychology complement our ability to take care of and improve the sports performance of our patients. You do not have to be an athlete to be seen at the Athletic Institute of Medicine, but you can count on receiving the same quality care and consideration we give our most elite performers.

When you arrive at the Athletic Institute of Medicine, you will be asked to fill out a comprehensive history to help determine the underlying cause of your problem. It is not uncommon to have patients present with a specific joint complaint that is the result of a problem elsewhere. Therefore, our patients undergo a comprehensive assessment of their CORE Spine-Pelvic-Hip Complex and upper and lower extremity kinetic chain. During this time, we will look for muscle imbalances, inefficient movements, joint motion deficits, and problems with CORE control, endurance, and strength. We also do a gait and sport specific functional analysis. At that time, we will analyze motion in the sagittal (flexion-extension), frontal (lateral side to side), and transverse (rotation) planes.

After the initial assessment, we will initiate a treatment plan to help correct the underlying problem. If needed, we will use the latest in equipment and technology to help understand and treat our patients’ problems. We have enjoyed tremendous success using cold laser therapy in conjunction with a comprehensive functional CORE stabilization training program. This can be a very effective way to correct the underlying problem in a non-surgical manner. This program will be designed for each patient’s specific needs. It will be started at a level that is safe but challenging. It will focus on strength and stability of the CORE Spine-Pelvic-Hip Complex. A strong CORE will help promote muscle balance throughout the body, allowing for efficient acceleration, deceleration, and dynamic stability of the entire body during functional movements.

Our goal at the Athletic Institute of Medicine is to get you back to your activities of daily and/or sport activity as quickly as possible. I’m sure your visit with us will be an educational, pleasant, and rewarding experience.