Dr. Wall Fixed My Knee Problems

For those suffering from knee pain problems, I would like to offer my own personal successful experience and recommendations. I had a painful torn meniscus in my knee that was quickly remedied surgically with no resulting discomfort, apart from mentally kicking my-self for having waited months to have my knee examined in the first place. In addition to the torn meniscus, there was a lot of jagged cartilage to be cleaned up. My surgeon recommended a treatment, which improved most successful, and I am now at 90+% back to as normal as one could expect. The treatment consisted of 3 injections of Synvisc to help lubricate the joint and 2 injections of PRP. I also continue to exercise to strengthen the supporting muscles and take a few daily supplements such as krill to improve joint tissue. It does take a while for the treatment to kick in, but I no longer wake up in the night gasping with sever stabbing pains. It may take a bit more from time to time until I am 100% pain free or close to. When my body feels the need to undergo the process again, whether it is in 6 months or 18 months, I won’t hesitate to do so. I cannot more highly recommend or say enough good things about the surgery and care provided by Dr. Thomas Wall, at Athletic Institute of Medicine, Scottsdale AZ. Also, the physical therapy I received from Vincent Kame of Foothills Sports Medicine was very beneficial.

Arlene Saens

110% recovery! Thanks Dr. Wall!

That’s right. After Dr. Wall repaired my torn labrum, i feel better than ever, and my repaired shoulder functions even better than the one that was not injured. The entire process took months–July — December, but it was worth the time and following Dr. Wall’s orders because my recovery is amazing. i am a professional martial artist. i have spent my entire adult life (age 23-60) practicing Taekwondo, the Korean martial art. I need my body to function well. all of that took place in 2006 when i was 54 years old! Then in 2010, while training for the rank of 8th degree black belt, i tore a hamstring. The date was May 11, 2010 and my test was on June 25, 2010. i could barely walk. Dr Wall said my only chance to make the test was a treatment called ‘PRP,’ or “platelet rich plasma.” i said i thought i could pass the test at about 75% and Dr Wall, replied, “We’ll get you back to 100%” i was excited and his confidence boosted my attitude that a healing was possible. i took the treatment, began a strict program of physical therapy, and just 5 weeks later, i passed my test for 8th degree black belt. That’s a remarkable story! But it gets better. Dr. Wall has also worked on many of our black belts and instructors. In fact, in addition to my shoulder he has done four other knees and another hamstring injury similar to mine, all with great results. I can’t recommend him enough. Whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, Dr. Wall is the man to see.

Dedicated Surgeon

I am a professional chef and had a nasty fall that resulted in a complex fracture to my dominant elbow. This occured on New Year’s Eve. My son called Dr. Wall who was at the Phoenix Symphony with his wife. He came to Scottsdale Health Care Emergency Room to see me. I thought this was above and beyond the call of duty being that he was not the Orthopedic doctor on call. He had operated on my knee years ago and I still had his cell phone number that he gavin me at that time. Luckly I saved it in my cell phone. This man took me to surgery the following day on New Years Day and fixed my elbow. The surgery turned out great and I have full use of my arm. This doc is very dedicated and a wonderful surgeon. I have since recommended him to many of my patrons and they too have been very impressed with him and his staff. I know of no other surgeons who give you their personal cell phone number and tells you to call if you have any questions or problems. I wish there were more doctors like Dr. Wall.

Total Knee Replacement

Dr Wall first did a scope on my knee, torn mesicus. This was my second one. After trying a brace, shots, etc ended up with a total knee replacement. Dr Wall did an awesome job!! Explained everything and what to expect. Now I am pain free… I would recommend Dr Wall to my family and friends!!!


I was estactic with the professionalism, courtesy and ease of getting an appointment to see Dr. Wall. I had been having knee problems for quite some time before making an appointment. I saw Dr. Wall for two visits and was healed in order to be able to participate in the Pat’s Run this year. If you want THE BEST, Dr. Wall is your man!

Five Star Experience

Dr. Wall has treated three of my children for various sports injuries. In every single instance he made sure that we were promptly taken care of and he even made time to see us at odd hours. As a former athlete himself, the kids could relate to him and he could relate to what they were going through. Dr. Wall is not only a great doctor but he is a terrific human being. He always goes the extra mile to make sure we are receiving the best care. I could not recommend him more strongly!

An Excellent Doctor

This is my second experience with Dr Wall. Knee scoped 3 years ago. It is 100%! This time was a sever ankle sprain that, left unattended, created complications in my foot, and severely impacted my golf game. Dr Wall examined the foot, and assured me that I had muscle atrophy and with adjustment and some physical therapy I would be as good as new! His knowledge and treatment were excellent, and after only two weeks, I am back to normal activities. I highly recommend Dr. Wall and his staff. The physical therapy staff, headed by Reggie, are top notch, and get right to the problem of motion, flexibility, and strength conditioning. Overall 5 star rating for Dr. Wall and his team.
Carl, Scottsdale, AZ

Outstanding Doctor

Dr. Wall evaluated and treated my son. He had him back in his sport at one hundred percent compared to his pre injury performance. He and his staff were very helpful in explaining the injury and the recovery process. His approach was much different than the other orthopods we saw. We got to see him initially and not the “Physician Assistant” that other orthopedic offices were offering us. He in an outstanding doc and we appreciate all of his time and effort he showed our son.